• Brainalyser


    Brainalyser is a system which uses mobile EEG device via Bluetooth and webcam to record data


Brainalyser offers to user synchronized video recording and wireless brainwave recording in realtime.

While collecting brain patterns from elite athletes necessary for our research we encountered the problem of not being able to give notations to specific time periods of recorded data. Without the possibility of "tagging" the recorded data the data is useless.

This is the reason we created Brainalyser.

Brainalyser is desktop application that enables recording of EEG data coming from the Neurosky mobile EEG chip enabled device. What makes it especially useful is the fact that it simultaneously records video. Additionally, it can save "time tags" of specific moments with description what happened then.

Later, when recording session is done, user can review each recorded session as well as perform basic analysis using integrated statistics of EEG data.