Our mission is to keep connecting medical doctors, scientists, athletes and engineers in teams dedicated to innovative solutions for neurorehabilitation, cognitive enhancement and well being of our community users.

We strive to significantly increase quality of life and performance of our users. We want to help people know themselves better, help children and teens learn to focus and relax, help athletes get better and provide new neurorehabilitation programs.

New mobile body monitoring systems allow feedback implementation in everyday rehabilitation, along with advanced mobility and being patient friendly. Interfaces perfect tool for collecting new and exciting data. We know what to do with the data. These (Big) data provide new scientific output, leading to new products and services.


Core Interface is our life project. We are unlocking brain potentials to boost Human performance. We do so by enhancing and optimizing brain-body communication as a result of targeting the right networks for the right task. This is also our core competency. It’s all about brain networks’ harmonical synchronization.

We believe interfaces from new technologies can upset the status quo in neurorehabilitation and cognitive enhancement. Therefore we create products that use data from biomonitoring technology to improve our body functions. Cognitive enhancement and cognitive rehabilitation are at the center of our research and development.