Unlocking brain potential


    Natko Beck

    Natko is a Medical Doctor specialising in radiology, with a passion for technology, imaging and gaming. He teaches "Hospital management" at the University of Zagreb’s school of medicine. He is the co-founder of the clinical institution Vires Refotae and Sinappsa, a medical consulting company, as well as the CEO of Core Interface.

    "To infinity and beyond..."


    Raphael Béné

    Raphael is a Medical Doctor and neuroscientist. He teaches Neuroscience of medical ethics and communication skills at the University of Zagreb’s school of medicine. In 2009, he joined as the youngest member the sub-committee on higher cortical functions of the European Neurological Society, and is now a member of the Subspecialty Scientific Panel on Higher Cortical Functions of the European Academy of Neurology. Currently collaborating and teaching at Zagreb's School of Medicine (CEPAMET and Croatian Institute for Brain Research), Faculty of Electro-engineering and Computing and Institute of Philosophy, Raphael is also the co-founder of the Symposium on Interface providers in neurorehabilitation, held at the International Neuro-Psychiatric Congress in Pula, Croatia.

    “I track Brain's Rhythms, Mirrors,
    and Waves to open my mind and
    empower my patients."


    Ivan Fabek

    Ivan is an engineer with Master's degree in Computer Science and self-thought electronics hobbyist. He likes programming, creating gadgets, motorcycles, sports, and exercising. He strongly believes that the synergy between medicine and technology is one of the most important developments of the 21st century. He is the CTO of Core Interface.

    "Yoda was wrong.
    Only by trying amazing things happen."


    Marin Mindoljević

    Marin is an former professional basketball player and coach who is active in basketball for the last 30 years. He fell in love with the game as a 10-year old in 1985 when Drazen Petrovic and Cibona were dominating European courts. He spent 16 years as a player and 14 years as a coach. He always took an interest in new and innovative methods and nurtured an individual approach when teaching and working with young players. In late 2014, he hooked up with Dr. Natko Beck to give his opinion on the Throw Free Project which immediately caught his attention. Since then he has been working with Dr. Natko Beck, Dr. Raphael Bene and Ivan Fabek on various projects and has become a valuable member of Core Interface's small but powerful family.

    "Be effective, be be effective."


  • Damir Martinko

    Damir Martinko is a doctor of Dental surgery and a pioneer of health tourism in Croatia. Implant Centre Martinko has become a dental implant education centre, the only one of its kind in the region, that is supported by Straumann, a Swiss dental implant producer and global leader in implant dentistry. Above all, Damir is a man with vision.

    "Because I can"


Our Mentors about us:

“Wonderful people, with captivating personalities, great intellects and so much zest for life. Their science/technology is the best thing since pizza. You can quote me on that.”

Michael Chopp

MD, PhD, professor, Scientific Director of the Henry Ford Neuroscience Institute, and Zoltan J. Kovacs Chair in Neuroscience Research, Henri Ford Hospital, USA

“The most creative and enthusiastic young medical doctors of the neuro field west of Moscow.”

Alexey Danilov

MD, PhD, professor, Chair of Neurology, 1st Sechenov Moscow Medical Institute, Executive Director of Association of Interdisciplinary Medicine, Moscow, Russia


Our company is a creative and exciting fusion of medical doctors, scientists, engineers and sport professionals.

We believe interfaces from new technologies can upset the status quo in neurorehabilitation and cognitive enhancement.
Therefore we create products that can help us get more insight of our brain and body and tools to improve our brain functions.
Cognitive enhancement and cognitive rehabilitation are at the center of our research and development.

Our final aim is to significantly increase quality of life and performance of our target groups, something that is, with current technology and solutions, in most cases on very low levels.


“TinnitusOFF” is currently at the beta testing stage. For more info check our projects page. Feel free to apply for testing.

“Hit the Gold” is an arriving new app for enhancing your brain functions in order to become a master archer.

We are conducting clinical research with our “Multi Illusion Table” in various clinics and will be presenting this neurorehabilitation product next year.

Also we are collaborating with world class athletes gathering more data in order to create new cognitive enhancement apps.


In recent years advances in interface and mobile system technology made it possible to develop light, low cost interface devices that can, inspired by scientific breakthroughs especially in neuroscience (Connectome, Human Brain Project, BRAIN Initiative), lead to new alternative communication systems, cognitive rehabilitation devices/programs and cognitive enhancement devices/programs.

New mobile body monitoring systems allow feedback implementation in everyday rehabilitation, along with advanced mobility and being patient friendly. Virtual Reality systems are more advanced and affordable which makes them very suitable for everyday personalised therapy.

We read, we think, we create, we play, we repeat!

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